POW-R Platform Business Economic Model

Ecological Token

In order to share the benefits with users of the platform ecosystem, POR token will become a general certificate of equity in production reduction mining and asset reduction ecology,and holders can deeply participate in the future development and development of the POW-R Platform platform. Platform revenue.The value of POW-R will continue to increase with the development of the production-reducing encrypted digital industry, and it will be in the forefront of the new digital asset cycle.

Economic Model

In order to improve the deflation of POW-R and the steady rise of prices, the economic model has added mechanisms such as mortgage pledge and repo destruction.The PoW-R Foundation and the core community will regularly issue dividend airdrops to community users from the profit of the platform's various businesses, and take out a portion of the repurchase and destroy the PoW-R tokens circulating in the market to ensure the secondary market PoW-R The long-term growth of tokens and the value of investors.

Business Rules

PoW-R's future commercial scenarios include peer-to-peer cash payment applications, DEX decentralized exchanges, decentralized e-commerce and retail, and decentralized financial industries. Among them, when the PoW-R production-reduction asset mining platform accumulates a large amount of traffic and becomes a new traffic highland, the development of the trading platform business is a necessary direction, but the traditional centralized exchanges have obvious disadvantages and a stable structure. It will become an important step for PoW-R to move towards trading business and enhance PoW-R ecological business income and token value growth.

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